How to make your profile attractive?

Stand out from the competition on dating sites by making sure your profile is 100% complete. The first impression should always be the best! Here are some essential practical tips:

– Have a profile picture

This is the most important thing. Without a sexy profile picture that is representative of you and your personality, your chances of dating are slim. Don’t be shy, strike a pose and put yourself forward!

– Give as much information as possible

Someone interested in your profile will want to learn more about you before they start the conversation. So many of you sign up on dating sites, and no one wants to have to ask the same questions 100 times to see if you can be a potential partner or not. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to generate interest.

– Get inspired by your rivals

There are men and women who specialise in dating sites and whom today have a perfect understanding of the game of online dating. Check out their profiles and see how they operate, this will increase your chances of success.

– Take the initiative and make yourself known

Don’t stay in your corner! Starting a conversation with the person you are interested in is still the best way to meet people. Be cordial, do not rush and above all have fun! Seduction, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, is a game, not a chore!

Do I have to register on more than one dating site?

All dating sites have specific requirements. Our site is there to compare the best on the market and help you choose the best. Signing up on multiple sites will only increase your chances of success with the opposite sex, but be sure to sign up on the sites that suit your needs first!

Why are some dating sites charging a fee?

Dating sites are generally charging a fee for two reasons. First of all, it guarantees a quality service. The sites that we select meet very demanding criteria in terms of quality of service, comfort of use and user experience and above all ensure no advertisements when using the site. Second, no one likes fake profiles and hoaxes. A paid service helps ensure that most active members have serious intentions and will not cause frustration among users who are serious about dating.

How do I get in touch with people?

You have all the tools at your disposal to start a conversation! All the sites that we select have at least an internal messaging system, a live chat system whether in writing, by microphone or by webcam. The use of services offered by dating sites also helps protect members’ privacy and ensures anonymity.

What are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them?

Caution is always required during the first exchanges. You do not know who is behind the screen and although the sites we select exercise rigorous moderation, it is always possible at any time that a malicious person (crook of any kind, serial-lover or worse) can be present. Make sure you know who you are in front of before you fully open up to your playmate.

How does the ranking work?

Each site appearing on our ranking has been rigorously evaluated by several expert online dating testers. Their goal is to sign up like any single user and get the experience that each site offers in its entirety. After the test phase we proceed to a rating according to the following criteria:

– Service quality

– Quality of the community

– Efficiency of the site and the proposed modules

– Customer service

Sites that do not meet our standard are systematically removed from the rankings in order to keep only the top 5.