About us

Over the years, more and more dating sites have now become available, allowing all singles in South Africa to be able to meet without going through ordinary means such as clubs, bars and other groups of people. Finally there’s a new way to meet! Seeing all these dating sites popping up on the Internet, we did not know where to turn, which sites we can trust, or if they met our expectations. It is not uncommon today to have people close to us who have met on these kinds of sites and to find that their love experience works and continues. They all tell us, it’s all about knowing what you want and being careful who you are talking to.

This is why our agents have put themselves in the shoes of a single person, some with more facilities than others, to experience the greatest number of these dating sites and to establish a comparison of them to try and guide you as much as possible in your choice. Based on different criteria, they have classified and listed the best South African dating sites that we present to you in a comparative table where we highlight the strengths and weaknesses established on precise statistics in order to direct you to the site(s) that suit you best.

Continuously, we continue our comparisons and our adjustments in our Top 5 to guide you to the best South African dating sites. We are aware that your expectations are changing and that the subject of the security of these sites is one of the most important points. This is why we try to be as clear as possible in the presentation of these sites to offer you, at a glance, all the answers to the questions you may have. It is obvious that some of our criteria may seem subjective to you, but be aware that our testers have used all their sensitivity to provide you with the most detailed report possible. Do not hesitate to give us ideas, new criteria, or even new dating sites that we should be looking at. We hope that we have been able to help you in your research, our team wishes you good encounters!